Sunday, May 31, 2020
High Desert Arena, Star, Idaho
2020 Average Winners: Marti Anderson and Katie Jo McFarlane
Pictures from Sat & Sunday Ropings! Get to shopping folks! – KG
Western Edge Photography
Flicks from the 2020Go Rope Clothing. All Girls Roping have been up loaded.
We also have all the photos from Saturday’s Jackpots in the same event.

Thank you to Kim Grubbs and her crew for all her hard work in producing this fun weekend of roping. It was an honor to be asked to come capture it all 🙂

Images from previous All Girls Ropings

You can find additional photos on Horsebug Photography‘s web site

June 2, 2019 • High Desert Arena • Star, Idaho
2019 Winners
2019 Winners


  1.  Becky Tinsley/Misty Perry, 7.97, $600
    BioMane Halters & Rope Like a Girl Caps
  2. Loni Dowton/Dani Dowton, 8.23 $400
  3. Candita Eldridge/Kim Grubbs, 8.32 $200


  1. Macy Fuller/Misty Perry, 26.82, $5000
    Bones/HOX, YETI Coolers, YETI Rambler, Rope Like a Girl Jackets, Cactus Ropes, Cactus Visors, Cinch Jeans, Nutrena Feed, 90 Supply of Biomane & Go Rope Caps
  2. Michayla Terrill/Jessica Johnson, 27.22, $3400
    Cactus Saddlery Trophy Pads, Rope Like a Girl Jacket and Cap, Resistol Cowboy Hats, Cinch Jeans, Cactus Ropes, Cactus Visor, Nutrena Feed, 90 Day Supply of BioMane & Go Rope Cap

3. Kat Pelroy/Cassie Christensen, 27.77, $2600
Your Décor Bench and Certificate, Straight Time Stirrups, Cinch Jeans, Cactus Ropes, Nutrena Feed & Go Rope Caps

4.  Candita Eldridge/Kim Grubbs, 29.77, $2200
Hamilton Bits, Cinch Jeans, Cactus Ropes, Nutrena Feed & Go Rope Cap

5.  Kat Pelroy/Kyndall Tibbits, 30.61, $1800
Cactus Rope Bag, Cinch Jeans, Nutrena Feed & Go Rope Cap

6.  Donna Nelson/Kat Pelroy, 31.74, $1600
Resistol Hats, Nutrena Feed & Go Rope Cap

7.  Anna Bahe/Wende Karnath, 31.96 $1200
CoolAid Products, Nutrena Feed & Go Rope Caps

8.  Tricia Seal/Katie McFarlane, 33.04, $1000
Go Rope Caps

9.  Becky Tinsley/Dani Dowton, 33.54, $800

10.  Cati Stanko/Katie McFarlane, 34.14, $600

2019 Top 10
2019 Top 10