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Ready to try CBD for horses? 

Have you been looking for a supplement that may help with the following for your equine partner?

– Ulcer & Gastric Care*

– May help with Pain Relief*

– Inflammation support*

– Helps to manage Anxiety & Stress*


About a month ago, Erik and Laramie Jackson gave me a sample of their Fortitude Equine Pellets. I was anxious to give them a try on my 7 yr old gelding, Joey. Prior to feeding the pellets, he was on the muscle and breathing fire while roping on him. When I would warm him up, he just wanted to go fast the entire time! It was like holding onto a bomb, ready to blow at any moment. I knew he would be the perfect horse to see if CBD would help him relax. After just a couple days, you could notice the effects of the feed. We went back to loping nice, slow circles, without being a fire breathing dragon. His mind was much calmer, allowing him to watch cattle again and not just want to run! I am loving the pellets and just ordered a 5 lb bucket! I am looking forward to continuing to feed it to Joey and trying it on some other horses as well.

Kim Grubbs, Champion All-Girl Team Roping Heeler, event producer

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