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Life is Short. Go Rope

August 23, 2015

Fast Time Winners

1st Katie Jo McFarlane/Megan Gunter 7.07, $230, Cactus Ropes Rope Bags and Visors

2nd Kim Kent/Melinda McDaniel 7.29, $170

3rd Lisa Cunningham/Lori Ireland 8.16 $115

4th Marcia Eiguren/Kayla Tiegs 8.58, $55

Average Winners

1st Kini Wright/Kim Grubbs 27.96, $1440, Trophy Buckles/Bones & HOX, Rope Like a Girl Caps and Cactus Visor

2nd Kim Kent/Melinda McDaniel, 33.91, $980, Team Equine Saddle Pads, Jewelry & Rope Like a Girl Caps

3rd Lisa Cunningham/Kayla Tiegs, 37.28, $770, Your Décor Picture Frames/Buckle Case & Rope Like a Girl Caps

4th Marcia Eiguren/Brittany Leasy, 37.37, $565, Cactus Saddlery Headstalls & Rope Like a Girl Caps

5th Krissy Mariluch/Danielle Jennings, 37.73, $465, Rope Mirrors by Lisa Cunningham

6th Angie Thiebert/Sheena Rhoades, 38.48, $410

7th Jody Moulton/Kindee Wilson, 39.00, $310

8th Dani Dowton/Jenny Turner, 39.96, $205

Kini Wright and Kim Grubbs
Kim Kent and Melinda McDaniel
1st Place Winners
2nd Place Winners
Lisa Cunningham and Kayla Tiegs
Marcia Eiguren and Brittany Leasy
3rd Place Winners
4th Place Winners
Krissy Mariluch and Danielle Jennings
Katie McFarlane and Megan Gunter
5th Place Winners
Fast Time Winners
Average Fast Time Champs
Average Fast Time Champions
Kim GRubbs and Marcia Lequerica Eiguren and Melinda McDaniel
Denise Joslin and Ally McDaniel
Cactus Ropes Winners
Oldest and Youngest Winners