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Dorito is a fancy looking 7 year old gelding. 15.0 hands and probably 1100 lbs. He has been hauled for the past 3 years to ropings all over the NW. He is a finished head and heel horse. I have roped some calves on him and he's done great every time. He is calm and quiet to be around. We've branded and done other ranch work on him as well. Easy to shoe. Never been lame. He's very quiet in the box and scores great. $30,000

See video of Dorito at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-eYk03C0VY&t=10s

Heel-O-Matic pink Bones
Heel-O-Matic Pink Bones - $350 (plus shipping)
Heel-O-Matic Black Bones
Heel-O-Matic Black Bones - $350 (plus shipping)
Hox Dummy
Hox Dummy
Heel-O-Matic HOX - $355 (plus shipping)
Super Slider
Heel-O-Matic Super Slider - $355 (plus shipping)
Ground Driven Trainer
Ground Driven Trainer - $3,195 (plus shipping)

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